June 27, 2019

Growing Up – Planters Horticulture


A Dubai restaurant wanted a much greener look without eating up any floor space. The solution? A plantwall

This project involved one of Leopold’s of London’s biggest restaurants in the UAE. The clients wished to introduce a significant amount of greenery in their space to enhance their existing interior design and approached Planters Horticulture to provide them with a solution.


Close-up of the plantwall

Keeping in mind the brief that minimal floor space should be employed, Planters recommended the Plantwall System. This met both the client’s main requirements: not using any floor space and making a big impact with a lot of greenery. The plantwall has since become a focal point in the restaurant.


Main view of the plantwall

Planters encountered a few hurdles during the design and installation process of the plantwall. The first was access for the maintenance of the upper part of the new green wall. This was solved by designing a hanging ladder that started from the top of the installation and reached down as far as the midpoint. Without this, the upper parts of the plantwall could not be reached and maintained. Another problem involved the was situated in front of the plantwall. With less natural sunlight filtering through to the lower areas, some plants initially struggled to flourish. Planters came up with a neat solution by adding specialist lighting to the sections that were most deeply shaded.


View from the upper floor

The plantwall materials – specially designed textile, drip lines and irrigation system – were sourced from GreenFortune in Sweden. The plants were from Holland and the pre-construction materials, for example, backing boards, aluminium frames and specialist lighting, were sourced locally.


Preparing the waterproof surface

Planters Horticulture represents GreenFortune throughout the Middle East for the supply, installation and maintenance of plantwalls, and is able to provide a one-stop shop for plantwalls within the region. The Swedish company has installed more than 300 Plantwalls in 16 countries, including Europe, Russia, Japan and China. Planters’ recent collaboration with Green Fortune has brought new orders in the Middle East.

Planters Horticulture is a leading UAE-based interior landscaping company. Over the past 36 years it has built a portfolio of some 2000 annual maintenance contracts. It specialises in supplying and maintaining high-quality plantwalls and plantwires, indoor plants, plant containers, preserved palm trees and artifi cial plants for commercial, hospitality and retail projects throughout the Gulf region.

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