August 5, 2021

Infinite Possibility – TerraVerde


With an infinity pool as its central feature, TerraVerde drew upon a range of landscaping methods to deliver a challenging design and build concept at this luxury villa


A luxury residential landscape project in Palm Jumeirah

In the heart of Palm Jumeirah, this luxury villa project shows how a beautiful landscape design can both complement the exterior of an existing property and the natural surrounding landscape, but nonetheless stand in isolation as an aesthetically striking outdoor area. The project implemented a range of landscaping methods including irrigation, pool installation, softscaping, hardscaping, construction and bespoke carpentry.

The client had outlined a brief with a challenging design and build concept. They were clear they wanted to adopt a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi but with enough space to include a comfortable ‘break out’ area, all whilst embracing a Moroccan style.


Unique Arabic style Jacuzzi raised and adjacent to the infinity pool

Prior to the design stages the land on site was extended further, maximising the available space. The pool was installed running parallel along the beach front. An infinity pool was the obvious choice to generate a feeling of tranquillity, almost resembling swimming in natural waters. With eye-level views of the sea, integrated sun beds around the pool only added to the serene, laid-back ambience.

Adjacent to the swimming pool, a large Jacuzzi was placed separately and slightly raised. The Jacuzzi itself is unique in shape, outlining a symbolic Arabic pattern. Installing such an unusual formation wasn’t easy, but was necessary to achieve the client’s brief.


The design is currently shortlisted as a finalist for this year’s Interior Design and Architecture Awards

On TerraVerde’s recommendation, the tiling in both pools was distinctive for this type of private project. Handmade Thai, cracked glass mosaic tiles were fitted and contribute to the artistic bearing that both the pool and the Jacuzzi have on the garden’s look.


The pool before renovation

Opposite both pools is a an entertaining area complete with stainless steel BBQ and complete outdoor kitchen. Natural red meranti wood was used for the decking to attain a rustic natural effect, together with beige travertine around the cooking area. A black granite worktop provides a great contrast in both colour and texture and adds a slightly modern twist to this otherwise organic set. The materials used in this inviting communal space are of the highest quality. The kitchen appliances, sourced from Viking, also reflect this and included a fridge, ice maker and cooler, all of which were covered by a custom made pergola developed by TerraVerde.


Construction site during the works

An array of exotic plantation was used in amongst the hardscape. Asparagus ferns planted next to the pool areas give a dappled effect from the sun. Coconut trees are located in various spots to showcase a utopian sensibility, reinforced with foxtails.


The Master Plan

Hard landscaping
TerraVerde opted for a more minimalistic flavor when it came to the driveway. Limestone paves the drive, visually dark in colour and extremely durable. The entrance, with its set of majestic beige travertine steps with fixed LED lights, is at the side of the building and leads past a contemporary, crystal black water feature with stainless steel cladding. Another set of these steps connects the garden to the beach, separated by a fitted shower positioned so users can rinse away sand before dipping into the luxurious pool.

Created in 2004, TerraVerde has successfully built a region-wide reputation for creating exceptional, award winning landscapes and gardens. Producing landscapes for both the commercial and domestic sectors, its philosophy of ‘enhancing the environment and sustainability’ has helped TerraVerde become a leader in its fi eld. Now providing interior design, Terra Verde continues to emphasise exceptional standards of service. The integrity of its solutions is the result of both inspired design and excellent project management.

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