April 20, 2021

Qatar calls for increase in public parks and petrol stations


On Monday, Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning proposed recommendations for the creation of 55 new parks as well as encouraging more petrols stations to be built in support of the growing population.

Mohammed Ali Al Khoury, director of the ministry’s Public Parks Department, was quoted in the Peninsula newspaper as saying that a study was underway to establish new parks to meet public demand, and that two new parks, in Umm Salal and al Wakrah, will open in the coming months.

Fifteen were opened last year, he added, and said the ministry was working with Qatar’s Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology to offer free internet service at all parks and improve lighting at existing parks.
Authorities in Qatar have also urged the government to build more petrol stations to meet demand as the population continues to soar.

According to local media, a report by Qatar’s Central Municipal Council calls on the government to review the number of petrol stations across the country and plan for new ones based on the population of the surrounding area.

Authorities have also been asked not to demolish existing privately-run fuel shops, to address a shortage of pumps to cater for the increasing number of vehicles on Qatar’s roads, Doha News reported.

It said that Woqod (the Qatar Fuel Company) plans to open 12 new petrol stations in the coming year – but that the majority of these will be outside the capital or in outlying neighbourhoods where the population is sparser.

Meanwhile, stations in central Doha often have long queues that contribute congestion on busy roads or are being demolished to make way for new property developments.

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