August 5, 2021

Spiritual Retreat – Blue Stream

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Blue Stream street furniture has enhanced the environment surrounding the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque while remaining sympathetic to the iconic structure

Located in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the world’s largest, covering an area of more than 30 acres. Adorned with 82 domes and chandeliers that are gilded with 24-carat gold and millions of Swarovski crystals, it can accommodate up to 41,000 worshippers at any one time. Its spectacular architecture includes white marble walls, painted columns and unique vitrals.

The scale of landscaping around the mosque is breathtaking, with reflective pools that illuminate the white and gold colours during the day and the phases of the moon at night.

Blue Stream Environmental Technology LLC worked with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque authorities to develop urban landscaping at this grand spectacle.

The spectacular front entrance of the mosque

The spectacular front entrance of the mosque

Urban design projects
Blue Stream is the leading designer and manufacturer of street furniture and urban décor receptacles in the Middle East and South Asia. Contemporary street spaces can be linked together to define and enrich community living, thus reflecting the regions personality and embracing modern architecture with traditional influences.

Most of Blue Stream’s designs are project specific and they work meticulously with clients to conceptualise and develop a customised range of urban décor products for their projects. The final product material and structure is designed very much in conjunction with the layout of the street or area guaranteeing a perfect blend. The wide choice on offer gives each customer the exact kind of product to match the ethos of their project.
Landscape features
The scope of works at the mosque included complete urban furniture design, fabrication, supply and installation of street furniture items. Blue Stream collaborated closely with the client to ensure the many design elements aesthetically matched the general layout of the mosque, focusing on bringing out the majestic, serene and peaceful surroundings of the ambient environment.

The management already had an idea of what they wanted when it came to the street furnishings. The main focus was upgrading the existing urban furnishings around the mosque. They wanted to give the street scape a new feel and breathe life into the environment, taking into consideration the popularity the mosque enjoys, with over 300 visitors a day. It is fast becoming one of the most visited monument sites in the UAE as well as a regular landmark on every tourist itinerary. This has a lot to do with the management’s decision to upgrade the street scapes, and the mosque’s capacity to contain all the visitors. Blue Stream worked very closely with the mosque’s management offering them renderings of their existing public space and how it would look with the new street furniture layout.

Extensive product range
The idea was to take actual images of the site and superimpose the suggested street furniture onto those images to give the client an idea of how the urban landscape would look when the new street furniture was brought in.

There was a great deal of collaborative work to finalise the finishing and the aesthetics of the street furniture so that the ambience and overall appeal of the mosque were mirrored in the implementation of the new street furniture.
Project specific
The primary focus was seating arrangement designs and coordinated litter bins. A large part of the external finish involved lustrous polishing which corresponded with the existing rudiments of the mosque.

There was an understanding between Blue Stream and the mosque management that the prestige and level of this project would be of one of the highest calibre in the world. Great lengths were taken to ensure that the final end product was not only extremely durable and of high quality but also had a fantastic feel to it. The product was made from botticino marble and polished to a glossy finish. The product was also offered with a strong warranty specification and provided with a special protective coating to deal with the harsh weather conditions.

The end result was extremely durable and of the highest quality

The end result was extremely durable and of the highest quality

Impressive results
The client, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, has expressed great satisfaction with the products. Being pleased with the design and the overall effect on the urban landscape, they are looking to collaborate further with Blue Stream in enhancing their public spaces and developing a vibrant feel to the external areas of the mosque.
Blue Stream has worked on similar iconic projects in the past and continues to do so throughout the GCC and South Asia region. A close understanding of clients and their requirements especially on such well-reputed projects is a must and Blue Stream has successfully shown that it can collaborate at the highest level in terms of design, development, manufacturing, supply and implementation of street design projects.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is another feather in Blue Stream’s cap, showcasing its capacity to work with world-class projects to deliver truly breathtaking public space designs.

Blue Stream has been involved in groundbreaking projects across the Gulf region for almost two decades and continues to be the partner of choice among architects and construction professionals for all kinds of urban furniture and waste management solutions. The landscape and urban design company’s strength lies in offering a gamut of high quality landscape, waste management and play equipment products and providing a custom-designed manufacture and installation service. Blue Stream prides itself on its passion for green living and enhancing urban environments in a sustainable manner.

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