January 24, 2021

Floating on air


Space Landscape Designs created a resort-style swimming pool using wet edges to create the illusion it floats on air.

The brief was to create a modern pool unique to the area with a resort-like aesthetic. The idea of the four-sided wet edge pool was to give the illusion that the water was floating. The clients wanted an international design team experienced with swimming pool design. Cost wasn’t a factor, but experience was paramount. Planting was to be as low maintenance as possible and tropical.

Design and build

As the job was designed in Oman it was important that the plans were very detailed so that the pool could be tendered out. The plans showed all internal steps, external landscaping and all dimensions so that any contractor could build from them. Space Landscape Designs also created engineering plans of the pool and landscape design.

The design took two weeks and the build took three months as the pool needed to sit for 28 days to set. Following a survey of the property the design stage began. Various designs were given to the client who took elements from each. A final design was then presented to the client to tender out the build.

Materials were sourced from local suppliers where possible, but the pool tiles, coping pavers and plants were all imported. The project ran smoothly thanks to the initial detailed design. Space Landscape Designs create modern, contemporary, resort and classical style landscape designs, garden designs and swimming pool designs for luxury and high end villas in the Middle East. Our landscape architects and landscape designers create innovative outdoor spaces suited to the site, climate, lifestyle and budget.

Our landscape design work is based on a thorough understanding of the physical characteristics of the site. This site is very similar to some of the projects that we build in Australia, so we were very familiar with what needed to be done with this project. We have also designed other pools and landscaping for clients in Saudi, Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our approach is to develop a unique and cost effective solution using a broad range of plants, materials, finishes and water features.

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