May 13, 2021

Emirati villa development in Al Gharbia welcomed

Al Gharbia

Plans for a beach-front community of more than 400 villas for Emiratis in Al Gharbia have been welcomed by people living in the Western Region.

Work to break ground on Mirfa beach at the port city of Mirfa, 160 kilometres west of Abu Dhabi city, will begin in the first half of 2017 according to the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

Spanning an area of 35,000 square kilometres, the development will include 410 villas, five retail plots, parks, mosques and a public beach.

With a population of about 29,000 residents and an increasing demand for housing, Mirfa was a natural choice for the development, said Abdulla Al Sahi, acting executive director of Planning and Infrastructure at ADUPC.

“One of our main objectives and top priorities is to ensure Emiratis housing demands are met and that their communities have some of the best standards in the world,” he said.

Emirati Ali Al Hammadi, who has lived his entire life in Al Gharbia, said the plans addressed many of the major concerns of locals in the area.

“There are other concerns, but housing is the most important issue and this will bring joy to Emiratis of the city,” said the Al Mirfa resident.

Mr Al Hammadi said the development would help to stem the flow of people from the region to cities like Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and also increase awareness of the area’s natural beauty.

“The coastline is something we are blessed with in Al Gharbia and if it is developed the region will be the most attractive part of the country,” he said.

Each of the new villas will occupy a 30×36 metre plot with designs catering to the specific needs of families.

Addressing the inconvenience of residents who have to drive long distances for basic items, Mr Al Sahi said the development would include restaurants, cafes and shops all linked by pedestrian-friendly pathways and streets.

“The inclusion of retail areas, mosques, and community centres will create a self-sustained community and save residents from having to travel long distances for their day-to-day needs,” he said.

One of the main attractions will be parks and a family beach.

“These will provide better connectivity among the community as well as attracting people from outside,” said Mr Al Sahi.

While some residents of the Western Region have voiced concerns about emigration of Emirati youth to the cities due to a lack of opportunities, Mr Al Sahi said the development would increase tourism and in turn create jobs.

“Our plan is to encourage people to stay through sustainable economic growth,” he said.

Although Al Gharbia makes up almost 60 per cent of the UAE’s land mass and contributes 45 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product, it is sparsely populated with only about 302,000 people living there, of which approximately 30,000 are UAE Nationals.

Abu Dhabi’s public service company Musanada will help with the construction of the Mirfa development.

“The master plan for Mirfa Beach will include attractive landscapes, infrastructure and entertainment and recreation facilities,” said Hamad Al Murar, acting executive director of Design and Coordination at Musanada.


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