April 20, 2021

Solar lights to illuminate park in Musandam


A new set of solar-powered lights will be fully operational around the Daba Public Park by the end of this week, according to Ahmed Al Kamzari, assistant director of Daba Municipality.

The first energy-saving light pole was installed on Sunday.

Nineteen more poles will be put in place by Thursday in the public park in the Musandam governorate.

Costing around OMR8,000 for the entire project, Al Kamzari said the municipality adopted the idea after seeing the success of solar-powered lights in other countries.

Explaining how the lights function, Al Kamzari said the Chinese made poles collect sunlight energy throughout the day and provide light later when the skies get darker.

“The lights are automatically switched on in the evening or when the skies are cloudy,” Al Kamzari explained.

“Each pole is 3.5 metres high and the battery life-span is three years. We have future plans to install energy-saving devices in other parts of the wilayat, including the main roads,” said Al Kamzari.

He added that the municipality is working on utilising more environment-friendly methods in the wilayat. It recently completed work on the first phase of upgrading the water sewage system.

“We aim at dispensing with the water metering system in parks and gardens through rationalising expenditure and finding alternative sources,” Al Kamzari concluded.

The amount of solar energy available in Oman is one of the highest in the world, according to the Public Authority for Electricity and Water website.

Solar project

Experts believe the contribution of renewable energy in total energy production is negligible in Oman and if the solar project becomes successful, focus will shift to setting up more and more solar energy projects in the coming years.

Earlier this year, four solar power projects were proposed by the Rural Areas Electricity Company (Raeco) in a move to efficiently utilise renewable energy, thus reducing use of fossil fuels.

These four pilot projects are planned in different parts of the country — one each in Ibri (2,000 kilowatt), Sharqiyah (2,000 kilowatt), Mudhaibi (2,000 kilowatt) and Dhofar (500 kilowatt).

A licence for the Sultanate’s first solar power plant was also issued to BahwanAstonfield Solar Energy Company by the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) in June 2015.


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