April 20, 2021

Let there be light


TerraVerde’s Chris Parker says effective lighting should always be high on the agenda when it comes to garden design.

One aspect of landscape design that is often overlooked and yet is crucial to not only the ambience, but also the functionality of a project, is lighting. As technology constantly evolves and with landscaping generally becoming more innovative, lighting design has never been so flexible.

Lighting isn’t always high on the agenda during the initial stages of creating an outdoor space. Clients tend to pay most attention to their hardscape, softscape, plantation and even their outdoor furniture. These aspects are considered integral due to the frequency of their use and it is because of this, that lighting is often wrongfully neglected when it comes to investing time, attention and budget.

Looking at it from a different perspective however, you soon realize the significance of effective lighting and the impact it has on the design. Lighting isn’t only applied so that you can see in the dark (though if there was ever a reason use something, that would be it). Aesthetically it can improve your garden substantially. Good quality lighting installations are incredible to look at and give that ‘wow’ factor everyone craves when revamping any part of their home and garden.

A good lighting solution means your enjoyment of your garden isn’t limited to when the sun is shining – you can enjoy your garden 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Quality lighting transforms your garden so radically that with the contrasting looks between the daytime and the evening, it feels like you have two gardens. There is so much choice when it comes to styles, shapes and sizes, it’s hard to choose what’s right for you and your project. It differs depending on the specification (i.e. style, scale and location), highlighting why it’s beneficial to use a professional landscaping company like TerraVerde.

Today LED lighting is the number one lighting choice for designers and electrical engineers alike. They’re a safe option and use just 12W as opposed to 220W, making them the more energy efficient lighting choice. Fiber optic lighting, an underused technology, is becoming increasingly popular within the UAE. Its cabling system allows more creative freedom with lighting design, as opposed to installing a standard marker light.

Interestingly, TerraVerde is currently trialling Smart Lighting. This allows clients to adjust and alter the colour, intensity and direction of their lighting using a mobile application on a smartphone. The popularity of home automation as a whole is increasing and as it becomes more accessible and affordable, this trend will no doubt continue into the future. Soon it may well be the norm to have more bespoke lighting that can modify the landscape with the touch of a button, adjusting the light setting to suit your mood or the occasion.




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