April 20, 2021

Pro Landscaper Gulf – October 2015

Pro Landscaper Gulf

prolan gulf october

Welcome to the October 2015 issue of Pro Landscaper Gulf.

News shed: All the industry news from the Gulf region

The benefits of living green walls: Landscaper Mark Laurence discusses how living green walls can counter our ever-increasing disconnect with nature

An artificial answer: Easigrass argues that artificial grass could prevent a looming water crisis

The sands have shifted: Duncan Denley explains that there is talent enough in the region to eradicate the need for international ‘starchitects’

Interview with Michael Mascarenhas: Desert Group’s chief executive on why his company is dedicated to transforming UAE’s arid landscapers

Sensory adventure: A beautiful play and learning space in London that could easily inspire similar projects in the region

Looking cool in the shade: wt Burden built a series of sunshades and rest areas along the first 7km of the Jumeriah Corniche running track

Site visit to Emirates Golf Club: Craig Haldane shows Pro Landscaper Gulf around the courses, where the grass grows all year round

Most influential: A look at another two industry game-changers in the region – Cracknell and Blue Stream

Trading with: Calvin Platfoot of Gulf Leisure.

To view the digital issue, please click through on the image above or click here.

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