April 20, 2021

Rooms with a view


Alargan Landscaping Company was tasked with transforming the gardens surrounding Al Ghunaim Villa in the Shuwaikh residential area of Kuwait.

The client requested simple, attractive outdoor spaces, with a low green border surrounding the villa and a modern design to match the exterior architecture features of the house. The landscaping around the house was simple, with plenty of lawn and low plants to highlight the house without impeding views.

Maintaining views to the house was an important factor for the client and, prior to the design stage, Alargan designer Rana Akiki considered a 5% slope for all surrounding space. Her landscape design implemented a wide range of landscaping, including excavation, levelling and irrigation, as well as both softscaping and hardscaping. The driveway paving was created from moulded, light-grey concrete formed into tiles, with embedded white pebbles connected to the garden’s walkways.

The concrete paving used in the project was thick and durable enough to withstand the pressure of regular use by a car. For the walkways, the concrete tiles used were thinner and more eye-catching and grey concrete interlock was used for the 2m retreat which must be used around all public walkways to concur with a law brought in this year.

An olive tree was raised with a stone border to create a focal point in the garden and to highlight the fountain behind it. A total of 25 palm trees were already on site and Alargan had to arrange and relocate some of the healthy ones. The company planted three new palm trees on the side area facing the dining room’s tall, glass façade. Six more palm trees were used to flank the driveway, three on each side.

The condition of the site and the client’s brief called for plants that were hardy and could tolerate the full glare of the sun and Kuwait’s hot, dry weather. Alargan decided to use rounded and sword-shaped foliage to add interest to the front yard.

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