August 5, 2021

Al Ain community helps in ghaf tree pruning

Ghaf trees (Prosopis cineraria) in Al Ain Municipality are to be pruned in an effort to improve the look of the city, the second largest in Abu Dhabi and home to Al Jahli Fort (above).

The local community will be involved in the campaign, which is expected to take one month.

The head of the maintenance division in the parks and recreation facilities division, Mohammad Al Yafei, said: “The campaign is launched annually, building on social responsibility and on its commitment to realise sustainable urban development, foster the quality of services provided to residents and the community. The campaign also seeks to enhance communication between Al Ain residents.”

The participation of the community and its positive response to the campaign were key to its success, he said.

The ghaf tree, which is a member of the legume or pea family, is the national tree of the UAE.

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