August 5, 2021

Glow in the dark paving system gains traction

A unique glow in the dark paving system has seen an increase in demand following its success at the Gaia Awards 2015.

Evaglow by Making Ground is a sustainable way of illuminating hard landscaped areas with no cabling or external power supply.

Instead it uses the latest photo luminescent technology to get all of its energy directly from the sun.

Luminous stones are incorporated into Making Ground’s Evabound resin bound paving system, absorbing ultra violet light during the day and emitting visible light at night.

Approximately 30 minutes of UV light per day will generate eight to 12 hours of luminescence.

The stones are available in three colours – Evaglow green, Evaglow blue and Evaglow turquoise, giving endless opportunity for artistic expression.

Ryan Evans, operations manager at Making Ground said: “We are delighted to have won the award, it’s a huge honour and achievement which we are extremely proud of. The award is particularly satisfying as it represents the steps we are making to provide the GCC region with the best sustainable paving systems. Our goal was to develop and provide practical and sustainable paving systems to the region and this award signifies that.”

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