February 7, 2023

Dubai Bio Dome Due to Open Next Month

bio dome

A company in Dubai will be building a tropical rainforest in the heart of the city. Titled The Green Planet, the Dubai Bio Dome is scheduled to open for visitors by the end of July, and will be located in the City Walk retail area in Jumeirah. The dome will recreate the environment of a tropical rainforest, and will be its own completely enclosed ecosystem.

Meraas, the company behind the project, has said that it will recreate the ‘enchanting world’ of a tropical rainforest. The Dubai Bio Dome will be rich in biodiversity, being home to more than 3,000 plants and animals. With a goal to inspire people in Dubai to be more environmentally conscious, the project is certainly very promising, giving visitors a chance to get close to wildlife they wouldn’t normally have a chance to see outside of books or on television. Since visitors will be coming face to face with animals and plants from the tropics, they will hopefully be far more engaged and interested in learning about them than they would if they were just looking at pictures or watching a nature documentary. The objective of the project is to impart a new found respect for plants and animals, an appreciation for how intricate and at times fragile the environment can be and to educate about the importance of conservation.

The Green Planet is designed to be as sustainable as possible. Meraas has worked with the local authorities throughout the project and have been awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification for their efforts, with the Dubai Bio Dome complying entirely to Dubai Municipality specifications and regulations relating to green buildings. Beginning the project in January 2016, Meraas aims to have the Green Planet open to visitors by the end of next month, aiming to attract a high number of tourists and encourage people from all over the world to learn more about the importance of caring for all plant and animal life. Endeavouring to be ‘more than just a park’, the bio dome will include exhibitions and displays to encourage visitors to learn more about ecosystems in the tropics.

Meraas have already completed a number of projects in Dubai, including the Boxpark, Reel Cinemas, and the Splash Pad. This new ecosystem project is their most ambitious yet, mirroring similar ecosystem projects such as the Eden Project, in Cornwall in the United Kingdom, which features several different ecosystems in four separate domes. This will be an exciting year for visitors to Dubai.

Article source: https://www.dubaiagain.com/dubai-news/dubai-bio-dome-will-be-home-to-3000-species/


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