July 4, 2020

‘Smart’ vertical walls that can survive the heat


Green walls and rooftop gardens are great, but keeping them healthy in the Middle Eastern climate can be challenging. Green Studios has an answer with their patented technology that ensures plants can flourish despite the extraordinary heat in the region.

Jamil Corbani, cofounder and CEO of Green Studios explained: “We wanted to develop something that is applicable to super-hot climates.” And in order to do this Green Studios altered standard hydroponic growing techniques that requires no soil, and just a mineral nutrient solution to feed the greens with smart technology that monitors plant health.

Their green walls are comprised of several layers of ‘skin’, the core of which comprises the irrigation network. Each skin has its own function, that – equipped with a series of sensors and nano-sensors – monitor and respond to the surrounding environment. Data collected by the sensors will be sent to an electrical board, and if the temperature and humidity skyrocket and the plants need some love, that board will signal pumps to go off. The sensors monitor humidity, temperature, acidity, and electro conductivity of plants.

Founded by a small group which consists of an architect, a landscape architect, landscape engineer and an economist, Green Studios now has been commissioned to do no fewer than 30 patent-protected installations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So why do we care about green walls?

For a lot of reasons – decorative green walls can help improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions and then expel oxygen that humans require to breathe. They also provide a heat sink, which is particularly important in the Middle East where ambient temperatures are really high. But if Green Studios decides to start implementing food crops in their green walls the potential benefits are maximised even further, as productive vertical gardens in urban environments could help to offset growing food insecurity.

Article source – http://www.greenprophet.com/2014/07/finally-smart-vertical-gardens-that-can-handle-the-middle-east/

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