July 4, 2020

Malaya University visit Qur’anic Botanic Garden


The Qur’anic Botanic Garden (QBG) recently played host to a delegation visiting from the University of Malaya in Malaysia.

The visit came after Fatima bint Saleh al-Khulaifi, project manager of QBG, presented a lecture at the International Conference on Food Research Based On Sunnah Nabawiah held at the University of Malaya in April 2016. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss how to document the medicinal plants mentioned in the Sunnah, and to conduct scientific research to study their active substances and match their properties with the medicinal uses mentioned in the Hadith. In particular, the plants of Indian costus, henna and black cumin were discussed, and their effective ingredients compared with the treatments and healings mentioned in the Sunnah.

Additionally, participants addressed the possibilities of using these plants in potential patents for pharmaceutical products. Following the visit, the delegation received a comprehensive tour of Education City, including the Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar. As a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), the meeting highlighted the importance of conservation of the environment in Islam, and the preservation of plants locally and globally.

Article source – http://www.gulf-times.com/story/497870/Malaysian-delegation-visits-Qur-anic-Botanic-Garden

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