December 4, 2022

Forever Rose due to expand to new outlets


Dubai-based hospitality and retail company Al Samadi is planning to expand their Forever Rose line in the Gulf region and reintroduce it into the UK market.

After the success of Forever Rose in the region chief executor Ebraheem Al Samadi has stated the company is set to open 20 outlets under the brand, including two in Dubai, one in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait. The remaining 15 stores will open in Saudi Arabia, where Al Samadi sees strong demand for Forever Rose roses. The chief executor explained: “Saudis will come to the Mercato branch and they will take every product there and we will have to restock the next day, so when we realised the amount of requests from Saudi Arabia and the amount of emails from investors, we decided to expand in Saudi Arabia and serve the entire country.”

The stores are all scheduled to open this year, except for the Saudi Arabia outlets, which are expected to open next year. The expansion will be self-funded and is due to cost approximately $25 million.

Forever Rose sells two kinds of roses – the Forever Roses and Garden Roses. The former are grown using the volcanic soils of Ecuador, South America and do not need water or sunlight to retain their freshness. Prices per rose for the Forever Roses start from Dh500, while prices for the fresh Garden Roses, imported from the Netherlands and Ecuador, start from Dh35.

First founded in London in 1999, Forever Rose was acquired by Al Samadi and introduced to the UAE in 2014.

Al Samadi is also in talks to have a Forever Rose outlet in Knightsbridge, London, which could open later this year. This would be the first Forever Rose location since their Harrods outlet closed in 2007. The company is also eyeing a presence for the brand in Paris, Los Angeles and New York, Al Samadi said: “Knightsbridge is renowned for Middle Eastern families and high net worth individuals, we are focusing on serving our customers from Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia. They have an attachment to the brand, so when they come here they can rest assured that they can get the same products that are available in their homeland.”

Al Samadi added that Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union will not impact the company’s expansion plans in the UK: “But it might help us get a premium discount on our rents. What I believe is that for the next three years, the UK will suffer a detachment phase. But after three years, I think there will be a strong UK economy.”

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