December 4, 2022

Pokémon Go fans advised to watch their step in Dubai’s parks

Pokémon Go fans should use civic senses and obey safety and privacy rules while playing the game in Dubai’s public parks, a senior official has said.

Fears about the new gaming craze raising safety and privacy concerns have mounted across the world and Dubai is no exception. While parks and other open areas are touted as the best places to chase the virtual Pokémon characters, players will not be allowed to cross their limits in parks, the Dubai Municipality has clarified. The municipality slaps a fine of Dh500 for damaging or plucking flowers.

In the wake of reports of players endangering the safety of others and themselves and invading the privacy of others, Pokémon fans are being asked to “go” with caution.

Mohammad Al Fardan, the head of Parks at the Dubai Municipality, stated the rules about safety and privacy are applicable to Pokémon Go players as well, saying: “They should use their civic senses. Parks are safe for people to run and walk around, whether to chase Pokémon or not, but safety rules should not be ignored. If things go out of control, we have to take action. If there is any misbehaviour, it doesn’t matter if they are playing Pokémon or football … our supervisors [at the parks] will take cation. All our rules and regulations are very clear and we expect people to follow them.”

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