August 19, 2022

Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park in Fujairah upgraded

Sitting north of Fujairah overlooking Al Hajar Mountains, Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park has long been a place to unwind, relax and entertain children.

Following a major upgrade, the 39,000-square-metre park has a new lush, green landscape, playground equipment and other facilities. Residents welcomed the refurbishment, saying many of the facilities were old and in need of maintenance.

“Madhab park is one of the few getaways in Fujairah, especially during cool weather,” said Thuraya Aziz, a 30-year-old Tunisian mother of three: “My kids love to ride their bikes there due to the huge space compared to other parks. It’s one of our favourite places.”

Ms Aziz said the park now required better maintenance work, and said: “For a park that has many visitors from around the country, they should keep it maintained and prevent other people from misusing the facilities by adding more supervision and restrictions.”

Another visitor, Ibrahim Lubani, said the park’s ambience was being ruined by litter: “Many visitors come with their families to have lunch. After they finish eating they leave all the garbage and waste behind. Rules and regulations should be more restrictive and penalties should apply in such cases.”

The park has three separate swimming pools for men, women and children, which were renovated.

Salem Al Mukasah, manager of the Fujairah Public Works Department, said it would arrange regular checks to ensure that all the facilities were well maintained. Jogging and cycling tracks were also added to the park, along with a modern irrigation network. The department is also planning to upgrade Al Aqeer Park in Merbeh and build a park in Al Tawyeen.

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