March 29, 2020

Abu Dhabi Sheikha Fatima Park in redevelopment

Abu Dhabi

Sheikha Fatima Park, formerly known as Khalidiyah Ladies Park, is to be redeveloped at a cost of Dh94 million in Abu Dhabi. The renovation work began last month and was expected to be completed by July 2018, said officials at the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport and Abu Dhabi City Municipality. An artist’s impression of the 46,000-square-metre redevelopment, which will include 24,035 square metres of green areas, showed fountains, walkways, play areas and a pavilion. Once completed, the park’s facilities will also include playgrounds, a cultural arena, outdoor market, an organic food market and cafes plus a ladies-only section,…

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Dubai will build Desert Rose City, flower-shaped eco-city.


When you fly over Dubai in a few years’ time, it might not just be The Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands that you can spot from the airplane window. The city may soon have another breath-taking development clearly visible from up in the desert skies: an eco-friendly mega-district shaped like flowers. Dubbed Desert Rose City, the development was initially suggested in 2014 and has just been approved by Dubai Municipality. According to initial reports, 75 percent of Desert Rose City will be residential. The plan is to accommodate 160,000 residents who will work and live in this eco-friendly satellite…

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Forever Rose due to expand to new outlets


Dubai-based hospitality and retail company Al Samadi is planning to expand their Forever Rose line in the Gulf region and reintroduce it into the UK market. After the success of Forever Rose in the region chief executor Ebraheem Al Samadi has stated the company is set to open 20 outlets under the brand, including two in Dubai, one in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait. The remaining 15 stores will open in Saudi Arabia, where Al Samadi sees strong demand for Forever Rose roses. The chief executor explained: “Saudis will come to the Mercato branch and they will take every product…

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Perkins + Will – the importance of the outdoors


As the ex-patriot population of the UAE becomes less transient, architects need to focus on more “people-centered” projects, say the new urban design team from Perkins + Will. New director Steve Velegrinis is working alongside landscape architects Jason Chi and Patrick Soriano with the team’s final member being Rama Husamddine, who specialises in urban design. Velegrinis explains: “When I first arrived here in the UAE six years ago it was not a place people from other countries stayed very long. But now people are looking to live and work long-term, bring up their families in a place which is safe,…

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Landscape design increasingly a factor in the Middle East


Landscape architecture and creating attractive spaces between buildings is becoming more of a factor in design across the Middle East. Dubai especially has been viewed as a collection of neighbourhoods which each stand alone and apart from one another, but interconnectivity and public plazas and parks are now viewed as increasingly important. Developments such as The Beach increasingly emphasise the human factor in design and provide areas for a greater degree of social interaction. Other recent Dubai projects which emphasise connectivity include City Walk (pictured above). Salim Hussain of Atkins said: “The space between buildings is critical as this is…

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New orchid species found in guerrilla zone


Five new orchid species have been discovered in remote Philippine mountains, protected from poaching because of an insurgency in the region, conservationists said yesterday. The species are found only in a mountain range on the rebellion-torn Mindanao area in the southern Philippines and have eluded those cataloguing plant life for 200 years, expert Miguel David de Leon said. Poaching of wild orchids mostly by locals is rampant in the Philippines, with some communities illegally harvesting them without permits for export or to sell them along roads. But Mindanao region is among the country’s areas wracked by one of Asia’s longest-running…

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Green-Keeper Middle East keeps gardens green all year


“Fake it until you make it” as the adage goes. When it comes to your lawn, you may imagine this entails uprooting your grass and replacing it with an artificial alternative. But not so. A new product on the market promises to banish unsightly yellow patches and keep your lawn looking green and lush throughout the year. Essentially an eco-friendly coating, Green-Keeper is made of a natural pigment and water, and is sprayed directly onto your grass. “The paint does not affect the photosynthesis of the grass, it continues to grow normally. The soil is not affected by the paint,…

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‘Smart’ vertical walls that can survive the heat


Green walls and rooftop gardens are great, but keeping them healthy in the Middle Eastern climate can be challenging. Green Studios has an answer with their patented technology that ensures plants can flourish despite the extraordinary heat in the region. Jamil Corbani, cofounder and CEO of Green Studios explained: “We wanted to develop something that is applicable to super-hot climates.” And in order to do this Green Studios altered standard hydroponic growing techniques that requires no soil, and just a mineral nutrient solution to feed the greens with smart technology that monitors plant health. Their green walls are comprised of…

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Flowers Dubai plants in a year


Come summer or winter, Dubai is always in full bloom due to the meticulous planning and execution of Dubai Municipality’s landscape department. In 2015 alone the Municipality planted 56 million flowers all over Dubai roads and parks. Senior landscape specialist Yasan Awad details the science behind the colour patterns we see on our streets: “We introduced the colour psychology in our flower selection for roads. Colours have a big impact on an individual’s state of mind and mood. For example, those roads that see huge traffic, we try to select colours that will calm and boost happiness and positive energy…

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Oman companies unveil new stone crushing/grinding machine


A new portable stone crushing and grinding machine has been developed in Oman through a collaboration of Industrial Innovation Centre of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE), Caledonian College of Engineering and the World of Natural Stones. The machine can be used in handicraft, gardening, landscaping, interior design and jewellery manufacturing, and was unveiled to the public at a function under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry HE Dr Ali Bin Masoud Al Sunaidy. The machine is currently being used by the World of Natural Stones and has proved to be a success, according to PEIE…

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