December 4, 2022

PAAET launches project to plant 100,000 seedlings

The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) launched on Wednesday a national project to plant 100,000 seedlings in its nurseries in Al-Shuwaikh area. PAAET works to conserve indigenous desert plants that can thrive in the county’s environment and consume less water than most plants, PAAET deputy director general Hajraf Al-Hajraf said in a press statement. Moreover, he noted how proud PAAET employees are of the success of such projects, adding that the people of Kuwait are steadfast in their support of the nation and its academic institutions. The aim of the project is to salvage the environment, PAAET official…

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MECA, OSC sign pact to construct wooden paths in Qurum Natural Park

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) in Muscat represented by the Directorate General for Conservation of Nature and Oman Shipping Company (OSC) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to construct two wooden paths in Qurum Natural Park. The agreement was signed last week at the ministry building. Mahmood bin Yahia al Dihli, director general of administrative and financial affairs, MECA, and Tariq bin Mohammed al Junaidi, CEO, OSC signed the agreement. The construction will not just beautify but will also make it convenient for visitors to the Qurm park. Article source –

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LED lighting market set to soar

Increased demand for energy efficient lighting solutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is spurring fresh growth for the LED market, as the sustainable and long-lasting luminaire looks to dominate the regional architectural and public lighting landscape. Analysts Frost & Sullivan estimate that the GCC’s LED (light-emitting diode) market was worth $900m in 2015, comprising 38% of the region’s total $2.4bn lighting fixtures market for the year. As regional governments implement eco-friendly green building regulations along with public and street light retrofitting programmes, demand for LED technology is expected to grow by 16-17% annually over the next five years. According…

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Dubai in top 10 green cities


Dubai has been ranked among the top 10 cities in the world for green building, according to a recent white paper published by Solidiance, a management consultancy firm focused on Asia. The emirate ranked eighth on the list. Dubai was given a score of 43.5%, and scored strongly in the ‘green building efficiency and performance’ category. Paris, Singapore and London ranked among the top three global cities for green buildings. The white paper aims to assess and compare the performance of the top 10 global cities specifically with regards to green buildings, with performance rated across four categories: City-wide green…

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Students in Oman create ‘Plant Coffee’


A group of Omani students have created an eco-friendly liquid manure that claims to help plants grow faster. Econas, the student-run company said this first-of-its-kind product will help Omani farmers grow their flowers and vegetables more smoothly. Made up of 11 members, the company will start selling its “Plant Coffee” next week. Farmers in Oman currently use solid manure, which takes more time to blend with soil and is more expensive. The new “Plant Coffee” is set be sold at a price of 350 Omani baisa per litre. “It provides better nutrition to a plant as its ingredients consist of only…

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Contract to build ‘green’ school in The Sustainable City awarded


UAE based Diamond Developers has granted a key contract to Danish architect and design practice Cebra for designing a hi-tech school inside ‘The Sustainable City’, its first residential community in Dubai. The project aims to rethink teaching and learning environments in a sustainable way. The school offers a modern alternative to the often very dense and air conditioned school buildings that one often experiences in hot climates, said the top architect. The school has been designed to have students pass directly from their classrooms out into open learning landscapes with greenery, wind towers and shaded outdoor spaces, ensuring a pleasant climate…

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Muscat Municipality Replacing Seasonals with Perennials


Muscat Municipality is replacing seasonal plants with perennial ones as part of its sustainable landscaping and beautification drive. Mubarak Mohammed al Shukaili, deputy director of nursery in the municipality’s Department of Landscaping and Gardening said: “We are looking at plant varieties that will help in sustainable landscaping. These will require less manpower, less maintenance and less expenditure. We are replacing seasonal grass, plants and flowers with those that can survive for years. Perennial plants can survive the hot weather of Oman as they do not require a lot of water and will also bear flowers from time to time. So,…

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Dubai Bio Dome Due to Open Next Month

bio dome

A company in Dubai will be building a tropical rainforest in the heart of the city. Titled The Green Planet, the Dubai Bio Dome is scheduled to open for visitors by the end of July, and will be located in the City Walk retail area in Jumeirah. The dome will recreate the environment of a tropical rainforest, and will be its own completely enclosed ecosystem. Meraas, the company behind the project, has said that it will recreate the ‘enchanting world’ of a tropical rainforest. The Dubai Bio Dome will be rich in biodiversity, being home to more than 3,000 plants…

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Plants that can survive a UAE Summer


Summer in the UAE can be a difficult time for plants. Here we take a look at the hardiest plants that can survive a UAE summer. Succulent plants, also known as succulents or fat plants, are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climates or soil conditions. Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and also in roots. Many succulents come from the dry areas of the tropics and subtropics, such as steppes, semi desert, and desert. High temperatures and low rain fall force plants to collect and store water to survive long dry periods sound perfect for Dubai. For gardens and…

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Flowpoint Paves the Way in Tallinn Old Town

Flowpoint Viru Street

Instarmac’s Estonian partner, Roadservice, have secured an 8,000m² paving restoration project of the beautiful Viru Street in Tallinn Old Town. Viru Street is known for its beautiful entrance gates. These iconic gates were built in the 14th century as part of the town’s defence system, with the number of gates increasing to 8 by the 16th century. Over the years, the entrance to Old Town widened and as a consequence many of the gates have since been demolished. However the corner gates are still standing and have become symbolic of Tallinn Old Town. The restoration of this fairytale street required…

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