April 20, 2021

Doha, Dubai named most expensive cities for construction


Doha has been ranked as the most expensive city for construction in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. The Qatar capital was also ranked 12th globally on the 2016 International Construction Costs Index compiled by Arcadis. Other GCC cities which ranked included Jeddah in 16th place and Dubai in 18th position. The report stated that local labour markets and resource availability had benefitted cities in the GCC, but strong currency performance and falls in oil prices had impacted construction costs. Doha is invested heavily in building infrastructure ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha. New York ranked as the…

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Mixed-use waterfront development in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

A new development in Abu Dhabi’s western region has been announced. Al Wajeha Al Bahria will feature mixed-use blocks and a number of villas and community facilities, and will be a waterfront development located in Mirfa. Also included within the project will be a beachfront promenade for walkers and cyclists, and large areas of public space. This announcement follows the plans for over 400 villas for United Arab Emirates nationals on a site adjacent to Al Wajeha Al Bahria. The development hopes to help meet the housing and community needs of the Al Gharbia region. Construction is due to begin…

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Pro Landscaper Gulf – October 2015

Pro Landscaper Gulf

Welcome to the October 2015 issue of Pro Landscaper Gulf. News shed: All the industry news from the Gulf region The benefits of living green walls: Landscaper Mark Laurence discusses how living green walls can counter our ever-increasing disconnect with nature An artificial answer: Easigrass argues that artificial grass could prevent a looming water crisis The sands have shifted: Duncan Denley explains that there is talent enough in the region to eradicate the need for international ‘starchitects’ Interview with Michael Mascarenhas: Desert Group’s chief executive on why his company is dedicated to transforming UAE’s arid landscapers Sensory adventure: A beautiful play and learning space in London…

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Foreign species brought into the UAE ‘threat to local flora and fauna’


Foreign species brought into the UAE are causing damage to businesses and threatening indigenous plant and animal life across the country, according to an environmental survey. Scientists have been looking at terrestrial and freshwater species that have made their way to the UAE in an attempt to find out which are a threat to local flora and fauna. The nationwide study was conducted on behalf of Abu Dhabi Environment Agency’s Terrestrial Marine Biodiversity sector. The study recorded 146 species in seven major taxonomic groups. The highest number of alien species were birds, making up 49 per cent of the total,…

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Ithara in key role at ME smart landscape summit

 Group, a provider of educational, play and sports solutions, has joined the fourth Middle East Smart Landscape Summit as a gold sponsor. The summit, organised by Expotrade Middle East, will take place on April 25 and 26 at the Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa in Dubai, UAE. The summit will provide strategic insights into innovative landscaping techniques with extensive plans to promote green infrastructure in the Middle East and the UAE in particular. It will emphasise on the crucial need to create environments that endorse physical activity and an active lifestyle. Brad Hariharan, regional director, Expotrade Middle East,…

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The green shoots of gardening in the UAE


Mistletoe gathered from oak trees was utilised by the ancient hunters of Northern Europe to mark the winter solstice, the darkest time of the year, when fires were lit to banish the darkness. The Romans also celebrated a winter festival by decorating their homes with greenery, a tradition that has endured as it was adapted and incorporated into religious and secular celebrations. Holly, ivy and evergreen fir trees were cut and brought inside at the point in the year when the plants of Northern Europe would be mostly dormant and laying in wait of the warming rays of spring. In…

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Abu Dhabi’s renovated Al Asema Park now open for public

Al Asema

Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADCM) has reopened Al Asema Park, one of the oldest parks in Abu Dhabi, for the public after renovation. The park in the national capital now has two multi-purpose playgrounds and a children playing area conforming to all standards of welfare, quality and public safety. The municipality had also completed a number of landscaping works and added more green spaces to meet with the huge turnout witnessed by this old but strategically located park in a densely populated community. According to the municipality, the renovation project, spanning an area of about 8,110 square metres, aimed to…

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Bahrain ban on new public parks


A Ban on new public parks and gardens has been imposed in Manama. However, many existing family recreation facilities will be developed to include walkways, sports pitches and indoor sports courts. The decision was taken yesterday by the Capital Trustees Board, which says it will prevent millions of dinars being wasted on unnecessary  projects. It also wants the private sector to get involved by investing in new leisure facilities, instead of the government shouldering the financial burden. The decision was taken as Bahrain looks to cut public spending due to low oil prices, which have prompted significant government cutbacks. “We…

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Grand plans for Riyadh as projects gather momentum


A far-reaching masterplan that will support the thousands of projects already taking shape across Riyadh is expected to put the city on course to become a leading “global metropole”, its Emir, Prince Faisal Bin Bandar, told Oxford Business Group (OBG). In an exclusive interview, Prince Faisal said the drafted Strategic and Comprehensive Master Plan of Riyadh had both economic development and sustainable growth at its core. Both, he told OBG, would be achieved “by focusing on upgrading human capital, diversifying income sources, promoting modern infrastructure to accommodate the demands of development and supporting environmental protection programs.” Projects will be rolled…

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Solar lights to illuminate park in Musandam


A new set of solar-powered lights will be fully operational around the Daba Public Park by the end of this week, according to Ahmed Al Kamzari, assistant director of Daba Municipality. The first energy-saving light pole was installed on Sunday. Nineteen more poles will be put in place by Thursday in the public park in the Musandam governorate. Costing around OMR8,000 for the entire project, Al Kamzari said the municipality adopted the idea after seeing the success of solar-powered lights in other countries. Explaining how the lights function, Al Kamzari said the Chinese made poles collect sunlight energy throughout the…

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