December 4, 2022

Journey to paradise


Cape Reed was appointed as designer and contractor for an innovative ‘paradise park’ for children in Dubai. Cape Reed was hired to create a children’s ‘paradise’ in Dubai – somewhere that children could spend time (without technology) and experience fresh air and adventure. The park is known as ‘The Journey’ and is located just off of Dubai’s Kite Beach. The site covers a total area of 2,400m². The final designs for the project were completed in May 2015 and the contract was signed in June 2015. Construction started immediately and the project was completed in excellent time despite minor setbacks…

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Alfresco living


More and more people are seeking to bring the exotic outdoor dining experience to their own homes. The options for a practical and stylish outdoor kitchen are endless, says Anji Connell Outdoor entertaining and al fresco dining are becoming a quintessential part of our modern lifestyle as we travel and experience outdoor eating. What better way to enjoy outdoor living than with an outdoor kitchen? Letting the outdoors in and the indoors out expands our space and is now so common it has a name – the ‘transterior,’ coined by Australian horticulturist and landscape designer Jamie Durie. A passionate advocate…

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An English Garden


In a beautiful rural setting in the English county of Kent, two Tyler asbestos and concrete-frame barns sat within a concrete farmyard, ruining the look of adjoining gardens and a farmhouse. The client’s specifications to completely revamp the property included replacing the barns, farmyard, entrance and an adjoining tennis court with a new building; improving access, creating a kitchen garden and other gardens and linking them to existing gardens and paddocks; adding lighting throughout the garden, and converting oil-reliant buildings and a swimming pool to renewable energy sources. Getting under way E-scape decided to demolish the buildings and start from…

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Photography Tips


It is becoming increasingly important to use high quality site photography to support all forms of marketing material. Adam Corrie from Synergy 3 offers his best tips for making sure your projects look their best. We are operating in a visual industry and high resolution photography is essential. Whether for case studies or showcasing your work through your website portfolio, quality images are key. In order to achieve real results, it’s best to move away from the camera on your smartphone and invest in a dedicated camera. These are covered briefly in the table opposite, to give you a general…

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Interview with Steven Velegrinis


Steven Velegrinis, director of urban design at Perkins+Will in Dubai, talks to ProLandscaper Gulf about his origins in the industry and the future of landscaping in the region. What made you want to take up landscape architecture as a career originally? I didn’t know that I wanted to be a landscape architect from the beginning and it took me a while to realise. My original degree was in urban planning and for the first few years of my career, I worked in local government in Australia. I did my postgraduate degree in heritage conservation, but again it proved to not…

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Save the trees


Duncan Denley of desert INK argues that landscape architects should focus on what’s below the ground when it comes to hosting large trees in our public realm I’d like to start on this topic by retelling a story which a friend recently passed on to me. Once upon a time, a small, happy tree growing in a forest was beloved by the humans settled there. The tree’s roots reached as far they liked into the moist, cool soil. As time went on, the humans’ paved over the soil and removed the tree. But the humans missed its bushy canopy and…

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Learning Curve


Leon Kluge created the magnificent Living Beehive art installation at the Durban Botanic Gardens to help educate local children on the importance of water conservation. The brainchild of the National Biodiversity Institute of South Africa and designed by Leon Kluge, the Living Beehive art installation was created to showcase South Africa’s rich blend of natural, cultural and mineral wealth at the COP 17 congress that took place in Durban in 2011. The client’s brief was to create an installation that was both garden and sculpture, and that portrayed the importance of water conservation.  It also needed to act as a…

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The new modern


Charlotte Rowe uses formal planting and swathes of limestone to bring an uninspiring garden in the UK bang up to date. This was a large, long established 650m² garden in Wimbledon, south-west London, with a number of mature trees and shrubs, some in poor condition. The terrace was paved with old York stone that had seen better days. There was a garden house that was attractive but in the wrong place and a large lawn surrounded by beds. The garden was underused and aesthetically not on a par with the house and its interior. The clients wanted a more stylish,…

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Doha leads the way


Duncan Denley, MD of desert INK, says the Hamad International Airport project should mark the turning point for landscapes in the region, paving the way for a more sustainable future. After countless visits to Qatar over the years, I was delighted to finally experience the much-lauded Hamad International Airport first-hand on a visit to Doha earlier this month. I was not disappointed. Banking into the airport over the extensive approach road was quite a sight, with a green thread transporting visitors via a series of landscaped islands before sweeping them to the impressive terminal building. The landscape was no less…

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The big interview: Rudayna Abdo


Rudayna Abdo, past director of planning at Otak International, discusses the origins of Otak as well as the major challenges and opportunities facing development in the region. You’ve been in urban planning for 20 years – what made you want to take it up as a career? I started my academic training as an architect but, by the end of my undergraduate studies, I became interested in larger scaled projects and the social implications of the built landscape. I was also attracted to the multidisciplinary aspects of urban planning, so making the transition seemed the natural next step for me….

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