August 19, 2022

The radiant city


Atelier DYJG took on a government commission to work with artists and help rejuvenate Yantai city in China. The north of Yantai city in Shandong Province faces the sea and a range of hills 70m high, while there were major roads to the east and west. It was inevitable therefore that the city would sprawl southwards, and in 2007 the government took the decision to invest in the area and build a museum and plaza at a site along its southern edge. According to the brief, residential areas were to be in the west and south, with a park towards…

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Praising the roof


Pro Landscaper Gulf looks at an award-winning RHS Chelsea show garden designed to sit in splendour on an office block rooftop, combining technology and tranquillity to create an ambient working environment. Designed by Patricia Fox, of UK-based Aralia Garden Design, this stunning 10m x 20m plot was presented as an extension to the working office that could make excellent use of often neglected rooftop space. The garden was created to inspire people to make better use of unused commercial space by demonstrating that office rooftops can be used as viable garden or work spaces amid overcrowded cities. Patricia’s aim was…

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Design has a new home


Duncan Denley highlights how his team’s move to the new D3 creative hub in Dubai is inspiring and influencing desert INK’s work The desert INK team moved across to its new offices at D3 this month, and we are already starting to realise the benefits of being located in this burgeoning new creative community. There has been a lot of buzz around TECOM Group’s latest business park of course, but what’s it all about? The principle behind D3 (Dubai Design District, D+D+D = D3, get it?) is to offer first-class lodgings to house the region’s design agencies and creative industries….

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The sands have shifted

duncan denley

Last month Duncan Denley, managing director of desert INK landscape architects, highlighted the case for designing local. In this issue, he says local consultants can replace the ‘starchitects’ and o­ffer clients a truly international-standard product. There was, of course, a time when clients were forced to look overseas when seeking landscape designs of a truly international standard. Landscape was largely limited to extensive lawns, punctuated by date palms and a scattering of brightly coloured bedding plants to add a touch of colour. Landscape design was essentially a horticultural exercise, with work carried out by agricultural engineers and vast teams of…

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Looking cool in the shade


Renowned company wt Burden built a series of sunshades along the first 7km of the Jumeirah Corniche running track in the Emirates. The stylish structures also had to be tough enough to handle beach-front conditions. Running along an area behind the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa up to Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Jumeirah Corniche running track is a 14km path – the longest in the Emirates. The paved walkway and running track was constructed to encourage residents and tourists to enjoy a variety of sports, including jogging and walking, as well as other open-air activities. The project, the…

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An artificial answer


The rapid development of the United Arab Emirates has put significant pressure on its natural resources, with water management one of the major challenges. Easigrass argues that artificial grass could be part of the answer. The staggering success of the UAE is well documented; in a relatively short period of time millions have flocked to the country to take advantage of its flourishing industries. The unprecedented growth of the UAE has also created its most significant environmental challenge so far – water management. The UAE is one of the driest countries in the world yet, per capita, it uses 83%…

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Sensory Adventure


Nigel Abbey Design Consultants and The Garden Builders combined to produce an exciting and beautiful play and learning space at a London school to encourage its pupils to use all their senses in a bright and safe environment. The brief was to create a sensory garden suitable for nursery and reception-aged children (three to six years old). Up to 60 children could use the garden at any one time so it needed to be low maintenance with limited planting. William Morris Primary School sits next to a large council housing estate and affordable housing in Merton Borough, a socially mixed…

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The benefits of living green walls


Landscaper and arborist Mark Laurence discusses some of the problems faced by the industry in Middle Eastern cities. With a rise in urbanisation, green infrastructure has become essential to counter our ever-increasing disconnect to nature. Living walls are an important part of this as they deliver huge volumes of green using a very small footprint. But what are the benefits? On a human level, research shows that close proximity to plants brings many benefits – emotional, physical and spiritual – fulfilling our innate need for nature. This is known as the biophilia hypothesis. We are less stressed and more relaxed…

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Emirates Golf Club


Pro Landscaper Gulf talks to Craig Haldane about how he maintains a golf course in a climate where the grass grows all year round. Emirates Golf Course opened in 1988 and was the first grass golf course in the Middle East. Maintenance of the course is the responsibility of Craig Haldane, who started his career at the renowned Fancourt Hotel and Country Club Estate in his native South Africa. Craig began his career in the Middle East at the Royal Golf Club in Riffa, Bahrain, in 2001 before joining Dubai Golf, which owns the Emirates Golf Course, five years later….

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Pro Landscaper Gulf – September 2015

  Welcome to the September 2015 issue of Pro Landscaper Gulf. ■News Shed: A round up of industry news ■Tenders: A selection of projects open to tender across the GCC region ■Experts: Landscaper and arborist Mark Laurence talks problems  in arboriculture within Middle Eastern citites, meanwhile Duncan Denley of desert INK landscape architects explains the benefit of local design ■Big Interview: Muhummad Nadeem Anwar, Hortus UAE LLC’s executive landscape engineer discusses his business ■Portfolios: Space Landscape Designs created a resort-style swimming using wet edge to create a floating effect UK design and build company Bowles & Wyer showcase its garden…

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