December 4, 2022

Citizens upset at condition of Bayda Al-Madinah Park

Instead of being an outlet for the city’s residents, while it already suffers a shortage of green spaces, Bayda Al-Madinah Park has become a hosting ground for dead trees and neglected, dried and uprooted plants after being deprived of water. Dead trees and plants are not the only problems. Inside the park there are doors indicating that there is entrance beside the road, but without a fence. The doors are rusty reflecting the neglect that the park suffers from. Games and entertainment in the park are rusty and only a few of them are in good condition. Toilets are unfit…

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Kuwait beautification department cuts back trees


In the searing heat of Kuwait, trees provide the best shade for people, animals and even vehicles from the direct rays of the sun. But just as Kuwait’s spring turns to summer, trees across the country are being drastically pruned or even cut back despite the need for shade. The beautification department of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) is in charge of this work. Director of the execution and maintenance department at PAAAFR Abdul Mohsen Khaja on preparations for the summer stated: “The beautification department monitors maintenance contracts with horticulture companies that are specialized in agriculture…

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The big interview: Ahmed Bukhash


Archidentity’s chief architect and founder talks to Pro Landscaper Gulf about landscaping trends in the region, sustainability, and what the future may hold in store for the industry. How long ago did the business start? We established the company five years ago. It was based on carrying out high-end residential housing work. We are not only limited to that but we wanted to build a strong foundation. Now we have many projects around Dubai and we’ve also been invited to tender for a couple of projects in Qatar. When you design architecture for a villa, do you also design gardens…

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Saudi Arabia approves 168 municipal projects worth $266m


Saudi Arabia has approved contracts worth $266 million to implement 168 municipal projects across 14 governorates, the state news agency reported. Projects include storm-water drainage systems, environmental health projects, walkways, construction of municipality buildings and public facilities, seafront developments as well as several consultancy contracts, the Saudi Press Agency said. Riyadh province will see projects worth $41.8 million for public parks, walkways, cultural centers and water networks, while Jeddah will have contracts worth $46.3 million awarded. Projects in the Eastern Province – costing a total of $30.1 million – will include studies on disabled-friendly cities, the completion of northern Al-Khobar…

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With trees dying out, Jeddah’s parks are drying up


Several parks that were built only a few months ago are drying out due to a lack of maintenance and care on the part of the concerned authorities. Citizens have called on the municipality to hold companies in charge of taking care of public parks responsible for their failure to carry out their roles. Many have expressed concern over such negligence toward these parks and fear that public parks will become deserted over time if trees die out and they are not cleaned and maintained. Dead trees Citizens Khalid Al-Harthi asked why the municipality builds parks and signs contracts with…

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Jeddah Municipality to tackle pollution at parks


The municipality is concerned that the general public is polluting the city’s parks by smoking, littering and barbecuing irresponsibly, Al-Madinah reported. Jeddah Municipality spokesman Mohammad Al-Bugamy said there are 540 parks in Jeddah and it is the responsibility of visitors as well as the city to maintain them. He said: “Despite the non-smoking and littering signs, people are polluting the parks with their negligence and misconduct. “We do not have enough officers monitoring the parks around the clock and we do not have any penalties for those who smoke or litter.” He added parks are an open space that “welcomes…

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